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An insatiably curious, impulsive thrill-seeker, Dax often neglects to consider the potential consequences to his risk-taking, resulting in jeopardizing not only himself, but others. No surprise that his quick, casual wit comes in handy when charming his way out of trouble, but his greatest assets are an amazing aptitude for science and a keenly resourceful mind. Though sometimes testing their patience, Dax loves his parents and keeps a tight bond with his brothers, though his favorite sport is needling his big brother Shaw in all sorts of ways. Dax thrives on cheeseburgers, anything that moves fast – especially sportscars and boats of yesteryear, pizza, and like the rest of his family: surfing. He adores his Grampa Pat, taking any opportunity to visit his beach house on Oahu’s North Shore, and invests great effort into lifting the spirits of his best pal Cody Vallabh, who’s not too healthy these days. Dax has also just discovered girls – and while he considers outer space a boring, wide open place where everything and everyone moves far too slowly, his whole perspective is about to change...


Over the course of the series, Dax will age from 13 to his twenties.


Dax portrayed by Jackson Stempel

In an enclosed undersea vehicle, Dax watches as a Delvan swims off in a torrent of bubbles!
Shaw Zander, a budding marine biologist, gazes at a strange creature, aglow and floating in a tank.


Dax's older brother is an aspiring biologist - a scientist and rational thinker, like Mom.  He’s also a pacifist and as a rule, suspicious of authority, especially the military, which from time to time puts him at odds with his dad.

Analytical to a fault, Shaw genuinely strives to see all sides of an issue, and especially where loved ones are concerned, he is averse to risky situations. Still, though he feels the entire mission to Delvus-3 is fraught with peril, he joins the effort in hopes of protecting his family. Not at all one to seek praise or adulation, a true hero's heart beats within Shaw Zander, and one day he and many others will finally realize it.

Shaw portrayed by Rio De Santo


A soft heart with big eyes, Kai loves collecting BIG things… particularly pets. On Earth, just a few months before heading to Delvus-3, Kai rescues an injured sea lion, SCRUB, and nurtures it back to health. Marked by a loving and generous, caring spirit, Kai possesses an innate sense of justice and compassion, speaking out passionately when others might keep their mouth shut. His empathy and instinct to show kindness to those in need gets him into danger on occasion, but these actions will bear amazing fruit, many years hence, in ways no one could predict. Though he shares a room with Dax and is very much his shadow, Kai idolizes Shaw, his eldest brother, who fawns over him whenever home from college. And while Scrub is a faithful buddy, it isn’t long after the family moves to Delvus-3 that the boy “collects” a strange, new and formidable protector that no one could have predicted…

Kai portrayed by Cameron Short

A very lost California sea lion and just a pup when Kai and Grampa Pat find him bleeding and clinging to life on the warm sands of Turtle Bay, Scrub and the youngest Zander brother instantly become thick as thieves. Concerned that Kai would be heartbroken if forced to leave his friend behind, the Delvan emissaries “tweak” Scrub’s physiology so the creature can survive on Delvus-3 and pose no hazard to the ecosystem of that world. A good thing, too, because it isn’t long before Kai’s brothers and parents come to love and appreciate Scrub as a truly indispensable and beloved member of the family.

Kai Zander rescued an injured sea lion off the North Shore coast, and now he and Scrub are besties.
Dr. Dayna Zander is a brilliant physicist and engineer, but she's most proud of her three sons.


A world renowned physicist credited with major innovations in structural engineering, Dayna’s work has facilitated construction of safer habitats on the Moon, Mars and Europa. She is a willing mentor to young scientists, a regular contributor to several scientific journals, a vegetarian, dabbles in cooking and robotics, and is an adoring mother to her three sons. Pragmatic, attentive, and generous with her time, her chief insecurity is that peers and family might see her as humorless and dour. So lately, Dayna’s been collecting (and reading) joke books.


Dr. Zander portrayed by Jule Nelson Duac


Evan’s master plan for a system of subsurface military bases capable of precise, swift intervention in remote “flashpoint” locations at sea played a critical turning point in bringing the 12-year, inter-oceanic pirate wars to a decisive victory. As commander of the flagship seabase in the Undersea Defense Network, a young Captain Zander quickly moved into expanded residential quarters, custom built to accommodate a growing family. He is confident and humble, a student of philosophy and above all else, a considerate husband and loving father. After he and the Doctor accept the post to lead the “Mission of Mercy,” Evan is promoted to the rank of “Commodore” over all troops volunteering to protect the native species of Delvus-3.

Captain Zander portrayed by Josh Murray

Captain Evan Zander ended a war and now leads a mission of mercy to help an alien race survive.
Cody Vallabh, Dax's best friend, faces an uncertain future, but he's determined to reach the stars.


From the time he stared through a telescope for the first time at age 3, Cody has wanted nothing more than to travel the stars. His parents, Kiri and Dananjay, have happily encouraged his curiosity and study of astronomy and astrometry, and at 13, his passion for space remains potent and all-consuming.

Due to his chronic health issues, Cody’s parents have customized his bedroom into a domain fit for any aspiring astronaut, and Dax loves to visit whenever he gets up to the surface and out to the Oahu mainland. Best pals since second grade, they laugh for hours whenever together, compete with crazy intensity in the latest immersive games, and of course, talk about girls they’ve just started to notice.

For now, however, Dax doesn’t really share Cody’s romance with the stars – to him, everything about interstellar travel seems far too careful and slow. But he deeply admires his buddy’s devotion and passion, even if one new, daunting challenge threatens to prevent Cody’s dreams from being realized.

One day fate steps in, and Dax proves his friendship with an act of daring – grabbing an amazing opportunity that could not only benefit Cody, but open a new and exciting door to an incredible adventure - one the boys might eventually share.

Cody portrayed by Elijah Gali


Though a rare condition has left her sensitive to UV light, 14 year old Illone is a buoyant soul who manages to make friends and bring “light” wherever she goes. She loves nature too much to stay cooped up, and living in Hawaii, there's beauty all around, so she's never without a big floppy hat. Her father, Alfonse Lautrec, is the personal physician for Cody Vallabh, Dax’s best friend, and occasionally she joins him for house calls. Fate takes a turn and about three minutes after bumping into Dax, Illone is smitten by his raw energy and goofy personality. Happily, fate has a few more corners ahead for them to turn – very possibly together.

Miss Lautrec portrayed by Skylar Roginson

Illone Lautrec, Dax's newest friend, might just be going to Delvus-3 with her dad, a famous doctor.
Bardy Narn, Shaw's best friend, loves pranks, but he's also brilliant in the field of hydrodynamics.


A native of New Zealand studying propulsion physics and hydrodynamics at the University of Miami, Bardy Narn is Shaw Zander’s college roommate and best friend. He has the heart of an explorer, though his wilderness is the untamed and sometimes frightening frontier of science. He's as fascinated with the properties and “flow” of liquid space as he is with the infinite puzzle of deep space. More intelligent than he leads on, Bardy is a practical joker with a keen, constantly questioning mind. His Maori heritage has given him one foot firmly grounded in deep human relationships and the other leaping out almost fearlessly into whatever unknown presents itself at the moment. Bardy is funny, a shameless flirt, and unpredictable in almost every sense but two: He is fiercely loyal to his friends and loved ones, and immensely compassionate toward those in need. 

Bardy portrayed by Jordan Andrew Traylor


A burgeoning inventor at 19, Amira is Egyptian, but hails from London. She joins the mission with her father Jabari, who heads up the Mining and Construction Team that builds the initial seabases on Delvus-3, and finds a mentor and friend in Dayna Zander, who sees genius in Amira’s engineering instincts. Dax, meanwhile, is so enthralled with her inventions he feels obliged to “test them out” for her – often destroying them in the process. But she learns to take this as a challenge to make new devices and watercraft “Dax-proof.” Though aware Shaw has an eye for her, Amira finds the young marine biologist genuinely endearing, and from the start, their awkward back and forth as they build a friendship makes for more than a few laughs.

Amira portrayed by Alex Pfingston

Amira was born to be an engineer. Her amazing inventions will prove invaluable to the mission.
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