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Hi. I’m Noah Knox Marshall.

I’ve been writing in Hollywood for over 15 years, working in live-action and animation, and even worked as an animator and story artist for a while. I love sci-fi – I’m a huge fan of Star Trek, EPCOT Center (current day "Epcot" is still pretty great) and robots. Who doesn’t love robots?!


“Dax Zander: Sea Patrol” was originally something I pitched to different studios for TV Animation – but unlike many other stories I developed, it stuck with me and took on a life of its own – the stories and characters growing, repeatedly demanding my attention. While busy writing other projects for various producers, so much about Dax and that universe kept building in my head, that I came to the conclusion his adventures should take full form in books, not 22 minute cartoons.


I have always loved undersea themes – I grew up near the beach, many of my friends have been surfers, divers - and one is even a deep sea explorer, visiting shipwrecks all over the globe. My big brother was an oceanographer and I think all of that rubbed off. Before starting to write, I spent a few years just researching marine biology and other realms of science, because I wanted the stories to be soaked in cool, just-on-the-verge technology – and maybe suggest some things that might be within attainability, but by any definition would simply be cool. During that research phase, I started dreaming about inspiring young people to encounter and embrace the mysteries and powerful tools of math and the sciences in a fresh, fun way. So I was blown away when the Agile Strategy Lab at Purdue University proposed a partnership to develop study materials  - based on my Dax Zander books - for STEM-related subjects. In the near future, these will be made available to middle schools and high schools all across America and hopefully beyond. Really exciting, and in time, with any luck, I think we might create a number of online interactive tools as well.

As you read, my hope is that Dax, his brothers, parents and friends (from Earth, Delvus-3 and other places) prompt ideas about how you might look at the great frontiers of the sea and space: here, now, and for years to come. No generation has ever before had the kind of opportunities to take such amazing steps and help create a better world, a better way to live for the whole planet. You can do anything! But you need tools, a determination to work, and a plan to build an amazing future and make a difference. Fortunately, a lot of those tools can be built within your mind – tools that nobody can ever take away from you – and it’s never too late to start making your mind amazing. And I believe in your amazingness.

See ya out there – on the shore or in the stars. Oh – you can call me Knox.  

Stay Chewy!

Noah Knox Marshall mugs for the camera with a scale model of the icy planetoid, Delvus-3.


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