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Got a photo of yourself reading DZSP on the beach? At home? In the backyard while guzzling down a refreshing blueberry Slurpee?

Have you drawn a picture of a Delvan? An Ogribod? Dax? Scrub? Invented a mini-sub? Wanna share a book report on book 1?

Find something cool on a dive or snorkeling trip? Swim with some dolphins? Chewy pics of you shooting the barrel?

Send a note to and whatever you've got to share, we'll try to get it up here soon!

A teacher ordered extra copies of book 1 for the school library. Here, 3 young fans are diving deep!
This young lady is enjoying her adventure in Dax's world!
John, 16, loved Book 1! Here he is showing off his painting of a dolphin! It's beautiful!
Mark A Lester, a graphic novel artist, sent in this sketch of Dax at the beach! So cool!
Another great sketch from graphic novel artist Mark Lester - this one of Shaw, Dax's older brother.
This lovely couple is testing out book one on their adorable puppy, Nora!
Daughter Cheered Text.jpg
Dax 1 and 2 Kindle Labor Day Promo.jpg
Patrick with DZTOA.jpg
DZ Essential Luggage.jpg
DZ - Dan Bewly Classroom.jpg
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