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Impressions from Readers

"I read and re-read 'Dax Zander Sea Patrol.' Then I read it with my students. They were immediately engaged. In our STEM time, when we discussed New Horizons photographs of Pluto leading astronomers to speculate that Pluto might have a liquid sea under a thick, icy crust, one of my students said, "Hey! Just like Dax Zander!" The name has become synonymous in my classroom with anything wonderful, sciency, innovative, and futuristic. Noah Knox Marshall has imagined a relevant, smart, exciting, hopeful opening chapter to this story, and I can tell there's a lot more coming."

- J.W., Middle School Teacher, Male, 53

"My wife and I both read the book and loved it. I was completely transported into that world in ways only a few other books have done for me." 
- S.H., Professor, Male, 52

"This book honestly holds up pretty well compared to say, 'The Boys in the Boat,' the 'Harry Potter' series, and 'The Hobbit'/'Lord of the Rings.'"

- S.W., Male, 13

"I liked that you write about all the technology, because I always think about that kind of stuff, but nobody ever writes about it, and it's really cool."

- S.S., Female, 15

"I absolutely LOVED it! So astoundingly perfect. It FLOWS so well and has sent me through all the emotions already! Kids are going to eat it UP! I cannot wait to jump right into the second book!"
- P.B., Animator, Male, 28

"Your book is wonderful."
- B.T., Professor & Novelist, Female, 60

"It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and I know my YA fiction. I devoured it. DZ will make a fantastic show one day. I love the fantasy, sci-fi and the optimism of the whole thing. Such amazing visuals...stunning. I'm seeing really cool Happy Meal toys. LOL"
- M.L., Graphic Novel Artist, Male, 45

"This comparison is way off, but it almost felt like Harry Potter in the ocean. And that's a good thing." 
- J.H., Entertainment Media Specialist and Educator, Male, 33

"A captivating story, full of true-to-life characters who pull you in and make you want to invest yourself in the Zander family and their adventures. I read the book to my nine-year-old son and he immediately wanted to be like Dax."
- T.J., Male, Educator & Football Coach, 35

"It's really good! When can I read the next one?"
- B.O., Male, 14

"I also love that, although there are three sons, it's not a male-dominated environment. The mother is a respected somebody besides mom. Girls need that affirmation."

- L.S., Female, Aerospace Advocate & Lecturer, 65

"Your book is a delightful sci-fi adventure grounded in a thoughtful vision of near-future Earth, and imaginative speculation of what could lie far beyond. The story balances tension and conflict with an undercurrent of optimism for humanity - a refreshing change from the dystopian mood of much YA fiction."
- M.S., Film Composer, Male, 46

"I'm hooked!"

- B.B., Female, 32

"I liked it so much! I love the characters, have come to really care about them! I even began to like ‘feeling’ what it was to live under water…I got to feel it was so normal! I was disappointed when it was over! You set up the future book great!"
- Z.H., Educator, Female, 52

"A+!!"- A.B., Film Documentarian, Male, 34

"At a time when most young adult fiction is filled with darkness and despair, Dax Zander gives us hope for the future. A richly created story that highlights our best instincts, I highly recommend this story for any (and all) families! Like me, you'll be anxiously awaiting the next installment!"

- M.W., Male, 50

"I just finished reading 'Dax Zander and the Hand in the Moon,' and I am hooked. Though intended for young people, 'Dax' is equally fascinating to adults. Marshall creates an entire world, stretching from under the sea to outer space, filled with technological innovations and populated by characters you can’t help but want to meet and get to know, from the entire Zander family to the gentle Delvans. I can’t wait for book 2 to be released."
- D.H., Educator, Female, 50

"What’s good about the book is the realistic characters and how they interact. Also the moral values that shine through... The book (and film maybe?) is going to be a hit."
- A.W., Male, 77

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